“Gravediggers” at Oakwood Cemetery

The word on the street is that “Gravediggers” (alternatively titled “Raymond and Ray”) starring Ethan Hawke and Ewan McGregor is filming at Richmond’s Oakwood Cemetery this month. The casting call for extras can be seen here.

Apparently, the story centers on two troubled half brothers.

It is unclear which elements of Oakwood Cemetery appealed to the producers. Hopefully, the production and resulting film release will not exacerbate the already troubled history of gravedigging at the cemetery. That history involves grave robbing throughout vulnerable African American sections of the cemetery — sections that are still unrecognized — plus Civil War episodes of Confederate soldiers’ remains being left out in the sun without hands to bury them. So there’s plenty of room for tragedy. I am doubtful about comedy, though one longtime superintendent did get chased off for embezzlement.

Comedy may equal tragedy plus time, but that equation is tested here.

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