HIST 201 podcasts – Spring 2018

In preparation for the East End Cemetery Community Gathering on April 27, I am posting some of this semester’s student research projects here. Each one offers an in-depth look at a particular grave/individual in the region:

J. E. Ferguson (? – 1859), barber, Barton Heights Cemetery. Podcast by Bruno Davila, Blier Smith, and Isaiah Tyler.

Gilbert Hunt (1775?-1863), blacksmith and rescuer, Barton Heights Cemetery. Podcast by Morgan Maclean and Ben Zorn.

Mary Cooke Branch Munford (1865-1938), activist and educator, Hollywood Cemetery. Podcast by Kerry Akers.

John R. Page (1881? – 1916), Elks member who died of a pistol shot, East End Cemetery. Podcast by Justin Jones-Cummings, Alexander Lewis, and Waylon Snider

William W. Pool, (1842-1922), bookkeeper and accused “vampire,” Hollywood Cemetery. Podcast by Kathleen Baughan, Lilia Crowe, and Nora O’Leary.

Lucy Taylor (1812?-1882), freedwoman and domestic worker, Shockoe Hill Cemetery. Podcast by Emily Dunne and Samuel Vaysman.