Book release

How do you release a book in the middle of a pandemic and a contested election? By recognizing it is not the most important thing in the world, of course. But also by relying on your friends – starting with Richmond’s own Chop Suey Books, who will be hosting my book talk for Death and Rebirth in a Southern City at 3:00pm on November 13 on their Instagram page. And also with Brian Palmer, the incomparable photographer and journalist who has agreed to talk with me at that event about a few of the book’s images, including his cover shot. If the weather holds, Chop Suey will let me stand outside their doors on Tuesday, November 17, at 5:00pm to offer a socially-distanced greeting to anyone who wants to buy an autographed copy there that day.

And also with Brian McNeil, a journalist with VCU public affairs, who interviewed me for the book’s release and is always a huge help.

I get to talk with the American Civil War Museum about the book on December 3 at 6:30pm.

It is an odd feeling to release a book out to the world, even more so now. I didn’t put it together alone, so I’m leaning into all those human connections that made the effort so rewarding from the start.