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  • The book!

    It is with joy and relief that I can finally announce a publisher and a publication date for my book that grew out of this cemetery project. Death and Rebirth in a Southern City will be published by Johns Hopkins University Press in October 2020. I am grateful for the support of the press as […]

  • Unknown African American burials behind Freeman High School

    Yesterday, I was contacted by John Larkins, a longtime teacher at Douglas S. Freeman High School in Henrico County. Larkins has become aware of a burial ground at the rear of the school, adjoining Ridge Baptist Church. The ground appears to be the original cemetery serving an African American community with a related Baptist church, […]

  • New start/a little history part 3

    To end the suspense, I now bring us up to 2017, with the remainder of the old site’s comments: On July 24, 2017, I celebrated Brian Palmer for hitting the big leagues on behalf of East End Cemetery: “Noteworthy editorial in the New York Times by Brian Palmer on East End/Evergreen, January 7, 2017. Great […]

  • New start/a little history part 2

    Continuing my history of my historical website focusing on historical sites, for 2015: On March 10, 2015, I publicly stated that I was “Taking the plunge now – I have started writing an overall history of Richmond’s historic cemeteries. Hopefully will lead to upgrades throughout the site here. So far, I have rough drafts of […]

  • New start/a little history

    Thanks to some startup funding from the VCU College of Humanities and Sciences, I was able to hire art/tech wizard Harry Herskowitz recently to help me redesign the original site, which I had migrated to We have greatly improved the functionality of the site, rescaling it for different devices and introducing more map elements. […]

  • New Site

    Welcome to the new! Redesign by Harry Herskowitz.