Category: Oakwood

  • “Gravediggers” at Oakwood Cemetery

    The word on the street is that “Gravediggers” (alternatively titled “Raymond and Ray”) starring Ethan Hawke and Ewan McGregor is filming at Richmond’s Oakwood Cemetery this month. The casting call for extras can be seen here. Apparently, the story centers on two troubled half brothers. It is unclear which elements of Oakwood Cemetery appealed to…

  • Oakwood’s mortuary chapel

    Fascinating new piece by Selden Richardson on the c. 1890 Daubrenet mortuary chapel at Oakwood Cemetery, now threatened by time and decay, in the Shockoe Examiner. There’s been very few studies of such mortuary chapels around town, and this particular study is urgent.

  • Charlottesville

    Heartbreaking weekend in Charlottesville, and everywhere in America. I’ve got smart friends who saw this coming, but I have to say that I did not. My work among cemetery activists of all political persuasions and backgrounds indicated to me a tremendous amount of general goodwill. That must still be true in most areas, but it…