Enrichmond’s Evergreen hire

On October 5, 2017, the Enrichmond Foundation (the new owner of Evergreen Cemetery) announced that it had hired Ted Maris-Wolf as Caretaker of Evergreen Cemetery. Dr. Maris-Wolf most recently served as the Vice President of Education, Research, and Historical Interpretation and the Director of the Rockefeller Library at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. He has experience with archaeology, and he has published research on African Americans in antebellum Virginia. In Enrichmond’s press release, Maris-Wolf states, “As Caretaker of Evergreen Cemetery, I look forward to working alongside families, community partners, and passionate, talented colleagues at Enrichmond to honor a sacred space and the remarkable lives of those who are remembered here. As Caretaker, my role will be one of continuous learning and sharing, as I join a vibrant community that has been working for years to honor Evergreen Cemeteries and its families.” Presumably, he will become the point person for future volunteer efforts and visitors.

The footnote to this story is what it says about the current status of Colonial Williamsburg, which has laid off so many of its finest researchers, including senior architectural historian Carl Lounsbury and archaeologist/interpreter Ywone Edwards-Ingram among others.

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